Please view the video below to see how easy it is to order printing with this system.

Please view the artwork file output guide lines and settings
below to ensure that the file you send to us for printing is high quality and will result in high quality prints.

Sg Print System will not be liable for low quality prints if the artwork has been supplied with incorrect specs.

How to upload artwork and order print.

To upload artwork, click the buy print button, this will take you to the products category. Next Select the product which you would like to order, for instance, business cards, click the business card icon, this will take you to the artwork upload and odering section. To upload artwork, simply drag the artwokr file from your computer folder and drop it on the icon where it says ‘Drop files here to upload’. The icon will now show your artwork being uploaded. Once the artwork has been uploaded you can set your options for your print job, with paper type, finish and size, oce you are happy, click the add to cart button and your job will be added to the cart. You can continue to add more jobs in this manner to your cart and once hapy you can proceed to checkout, to finalise your purchase and send the order through for processing

Saving and outputting art for print | Output art specifications

Maximum File size for sending art is : 34mb

Photoshop Output Settings

    • All artwork should be minimum 300 dpi
    • Aratwork should be converted to CMYK colour space
    • Flattern the Photoshop File before sending through so that there are no fonts
    • You can also save the file as either a flatterned Tiff instead of a photoshop file
    • You can save the file as a jpeg instead of a photoshop file

Illustrator Output Settings

  • All raster / bitmap artwork files, such as Jpeg, Tiff or PNG placed in illustrator should be 300dpi & should be in CMYK colourspace
  • Your Illustrator document should be set to CMYK colour space
  • All fonts need to be outlined

You can either send through the Illustrator file or a Illustrator compatible PDF file

Please download the Artwork Setup and Output for Printing reference document to aid you in creating and preparing you artwork for uploading and ordering.

Custom Large Format Prints | Setting up Files

Custom Large format prints which are larger than A0 do not need the artwork to be at actual size. For Instance if the physical or finished size of the print is 2m x 1m, then we can create a document which is a 1/2 or 1/4 the size, which would be 500mm x 250mm @ 300dpi – 600dpi. If you crearte the artwork file at 100% scale which would be 2m x 1m in photoshop or illustrator then the file would be too large to send through to us or email etc. Large format prints are scaled up with our high end RIP ( Raster Image Processor ) so even if the file is a 1/2 or 1/4 size, the print will still be very sharp and high quality. The most important thing to remember is that if you do the artwork at 1/4 scale then set the resolution to 600dpi, if you do the the artwork at 1/2 scale then set the resolution to 300dpi.

Please download the Large Format Printing reference document to aid you in creating and preparing you artwork for uploading and ordering.